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A group of four disabled queer Black folks talk and laugh, relaxing across a large bed. Everyone is dressed in colorful t-shirts and wearing a variety of scarves, bonnets, and durags. One person braids another’s hair, while the third friend wearing a C-PAP mask laughs, and the fourth person looks up from an open book. Illustration by Jonathan Soren Davidson for Disabled And Here.


I keep thinking I’m done adding resources to my website, but then I notice another gap or resource that is lacking that could make a difference. And so I create a new resource and add it to my list. This year I’ve already created two new resources. Both of these are very much works in progress and I welcome other people’s perspectives, thoughts, ideas, additions, and alterations. They aren’t intended to be the final word, but a starting point for conversation.

Here they are!

Universal Disabled Character Creation Guide for TTRPGs: When it is represented at all, most tabletop role-playing games present disability in limited and stereotypical ways. As a result, it is hard to create disabled characters that are realistic and respectful representations. The goal of this guide is to provide a better system for creating disabled player characters that can be used with any tabletop role-playing game. This system is designed to replace preexisting mechanics for creating or representing disability within the game.

Experiences of Disability: Standard advice for creating disabled characters always includes doing research. However, despite the wealth of information about disability that is online, it can still hard to find clear information on what it is like to live with a disability, especially for people creating fictional disabilities. This resource is designed to help by collecting both common experiences of disability and experiences of specific disabilities.


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