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Illustration of tree with red bark that is dramatically lit by sunlight in a lush green forest.


These extras are in progress! I am adding links to each magical plant as I post them.


Character Sheets

Bob the Blob Character Sheet

Nikau the Parrotfolk Rogue

Arey Character Sheet


Plants in Order of Appearance

Glowing Stone Cactus

Flashing Stone Cactus

Fast Healing Wall Bush

Catapult Walnut

Bat Seed Bush

Discord Apple

Wind Grass

Invisible Grass

Pickpocket Vine

Flute Grass

Common Hopping Mushroom

Scorpion Tail Fungus

Guard Bush

Lava Pine

The Tree of Eternal Sleep


Other Plants in Juniper’s Garden

(These are plants that the player character’s could have encountered had the game gone differently)

Puffball Fungus

Green Heron

Night Light Fungus

Armadillo Vine

Spiral Snare Vine

Floating Pond Bromeliad

Jumping Monkey Orchid

Memory Flower


I also hope to get my notes for this game up online sometime soon. 🙂

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